Palestine: Can the Western or Arab Leaders Solve the Problem?

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The French president has equated ISIL with Hamas, a political organisation and representative of the Gazan Palestinians, who are elected by the direct votes of the indigenous people. On the contrary, ISIL, as reported by many sources, is ‘an offshoot of Al-Qaeda in Iraq’ (Al Jazeera, September 18, 2014) though there exits strong speculation that it is created and financed by America (The Guardian, 3 June 2015). However, according to the France daily ‘Liberation’, France company ‘Lafarge’ is accused of funding €13 million euros ($15.3 million dollars) to armed groups, including ISIL, in Syria. The Liberation’ also vouches that Macron’s government was well-aware of this financial backing to ISIL (Al Jazeera, 10 Sep 2021). Now the same Macron of France is proposing for an international coalition to obliterate Hamas like they did to destroy ISIL (Reuters, October 24, 2023)! Can you recollect France’s former President Nicolas Sarkozy accused of taking €50 million euros from the late Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi (The daily Independent, 03 January 2013)? But do you have any idea what this same Sarkozy gifted Gaddafi in return? See the headline of the famous Daily Mail published from the UK: ‘Gaddafi was killed by French secret serviceman on orders of Nicolas Sarkozy, sources claim’ (Daily Mail, 30 September 2012). Isn’t it the emblematic character of the France leaders? Do the people of the world have any sensible reason to follow folks like Macron as they can easily guess the justice of these colonialist plunderers and hypocrites over the years?

France is not the only country cherishing its secular values in Europe. Including United Kingdom, there are many other countries showing minimum respect to the faith of the Hindus, Buddhists. Muslims, Shikhs and other communities within the framework of its secular and multicultural values. But France’s repression, predominantly, of its own Muslim population is clearly exposed by prohibiting the Muslim women from wearing hijabs and scarves in schools and government institutions. This is a gross violation of freedom of choice of one’s clothes irrespective of faiths or races. Due to social media, people are aware of France’s decades of brutal oppression to its Muslim colonies like Algeria. Israel can be a very close ally of France that can do a lot of favour for its defence but it will be utterly ridiculous to believe that it intends to form a coalition to preserve the rights of the Palestinians except for uprooting and driving the Palestinians into the dispossessed civilians under the pretext of finishing Hamas.

How can we trust these cruel leaders supporting Israel gifted with lethal and murderous weapons to kill the defenceless Palestinian civilians despite the fact that the same leaders never stand against Israeli denial in endorsing any food, water, medicine, gas and fuel to the starving population in Gaza imprisoned by Israel? How can you have confidence in these biased leaders electrifying Israel to flatten the houses and tents of the world-worst refugees? Do we see the same leaders taking a single bold step to save a crushed population losing 29 children (Al Jazeera, 24 Oct 2023), young and old in every hour due to the bombardments of the apartheid occupier? A friend saves a friend and an enemy kills an enemy. Who are the West friends of and who are the West enemies of? You, the readers decide whether it is Israel – the colonizer or Palestinians – the colonized. What would you say to those who arm and suggest (nonchalantly allow/encourage) an occupier State to continue bombing in the most crowded slums of the world but hardly raise any voice against the bomber to stop killing the civilians? How will these leaders establish peace and harmony in the world where they have unacceptably flopped to show the least sense of justice? What type of sense is it that the occupier is fortified and guaranteed security although its occupied population is left in miserable starvation, thirst, death, and displacement decade after decade?

You may ask why the Zionists in Israel have been violating international laws frequently. The blatant truth behind this ceaseless abuse of laws and breach of UN resolutions is that Israel always has gained illegal benefit from every violation till today and it has got metamorphosed from a non-existence entity to an unrestricted plunderer threatening anyone speaking against its unlawful actions and plans. Israel, by infringing international laws, is occupying more land, destroying more Palestinians, rehabilitating more settlers, getting more arms and aid from the West and its allies. Do you find Israel to be at any loss since its occupation?

Violation of human rights and laws by Israel is a blessing for this apartheid state as it gets more promises, more liberty and licenses to bomb and drive out the Palestinians from their motherland. Simple speaking, the more bombardment and violation, for Israel, mean more expansion, more colonisation, more opportunity, more stability.

Do you think Israel will stop even if it succeeds in full ethnic cleansing in Palestine? Never. It would not stop until it colonizes the whole world until it makes every country of this blue-marble planet kneel down to them. Why is this observation? The answer, taken from its aggression over the last 75 years, is very simple. An illegal occupier like Israel can never be satisfied with what it occupies. Its hunger never ends; it always wants more.

With unbearable torment, the homeless Palestinian children, women and the old are poignantly mourning for the last 75 years every night and day. But is it ever heard by American or other Western leaders and their allies? Are not their tears shedding everyday enough to form an ocean? Is not their blood sufficient to form a flowing river since the occupation? Is there any value of the blood and tears of the refugees living on the mercy of the world superpowers? Have Israel and its allies not turned Palestine to be a living hell while Israel is created as a heaven by its allies with a GDP per capita $53,000.00 (IMF, October 2023)?

At least 32 countries including US, UK, Germany, Canada, Singapore, and India buy arms from Israel (Al Jazeera, 11 October 2023) although Palestinians are made to depend on the mercy of Israel for importing its food, water, fuel, electricity, medicine and what not. Is it not already evidenced that such a chauvinistic occupier exporting arms even in the USA, will never tolerate its dispossessed neighbour? Proof? Israel has already displaced 5.9 million Palestinians by force (UNHCR UK, 14 June 2023), and it will do more in course of time on the grounds of its security.

Now, it is 2023. Isn’t the Israeli bombing on a hospital and killing 500 patients, on the spot, the most disgraceful crime? Israel did the same grotesque crime in 2014 (Chomsky, 2015, page 156)? Is this blockading, slow-slaughtering and driving out of the civilians anything new? No. According to a report submitted by Mads Gilbert in June of the same year: At least 57 percent of Gaza households are food insecure and about 80 percent are now aid recipients. Food insecurity and rising poverty also mean that most residents cannot meet their daily caloric requirements, while over 90 percent of the water in Gaza has been deemed unfit for human consumption (ibid). ‘Little has changed since, in the last forty-seven years, apart from the scale of the crimes, which continue, without a break, with constant US support’ (Chomsky, 2015, page 201).

Do you know what America is sending to protect the Israeli children, civilians and its army living even more comfortably than the Americans.? Yes, to shield them from the attack of Hamas, Joe Biden has already promised ‘rock-solid and unwavering’ support with ordering military ship, Iron Dome, the most advanced aircraft carrier hosting guided missile, cruiser with naval guns, missile destroyer, F-35, F-15, F-16, F-10, interceptors and precision-guided munition. (Al Jazeera, 9 October, 2023). What about Palestine?

Yes, there arouses a burning curiosity: What are the Western leaders, particularly America, sending to protect the children, women and old civilians in Palestine? Do they send any weapons to save the innocent civilians being killed by the attacker every day? Let alone weapon, they even opposed a humanitarian corridor for the bombed and burnt children and civilians for two weeks. Will it be untrue if someone says that they have sent these weapons to be exploded in Gaza and be used to destroy their houses and kill the civilians by Israelis? Definitely, those missiles and weapons sent by the West under the leadership of America will neither kiss the forehead of Palestinian children nor be used as fire to cook the food or lit the lamp to study in schools. They have already silenced more than 11000 (NBC News, Nov. 12, 2023) lives forever including more than 4104 children (Al Jazeera, 7 November 2023) by raining bombs on their buildings, houses and refugee camps.

“In just the first week of its relentless assault, it (Israel) dropped more than 6,000 bombs on the Strip – nearly as many as the United States used in Afghanistan in a full year” (Al Jazeera,12 Nov 2023). “WHO says a child is killed every 10 minutes in Gaza – as it happened” (The Guardian, 11 Nov 2023). It reminds us of Jonathan Swift who proposed to roast the children and sell them as food before the landlords in his famous satire ‘Modest Proposal’ (Britannica, 2023). In Gaza, not only the children but also the civilians are systematically butchered by the Zionists. Alas! The whole world is watching the slaughtering of these innocent children and civilians in Gaza but none takes immediate action to stop the slaughterer and its partners for the last 33 days.

According to UNICEF, more than 30 Israeli children reportedly have lost their lives’ (UNICEF, 31 October 2023) due to the attack of Hamas. So, the Western argument is that Hamas is a terrorist organisation and they must be finished. But despite killing more than 4100 children, Israel or its army is never called to be a terrorist state or institution by its allies! Hamas has killed more than 1,200 Israeli civilians, so they are fanatic, but while Israel has killed over 11,000 civilians; it is never fanatic! Hamas has hit some Israeli buildings, so they are worth punishing. But though Israel has turned the whole Gaza into dust: simply dust, Israel is worth rewarding with more money, supports and weapons, even if this massive annihilation by Israel has been non-stop since 1948. This is the ruling Western leaders’ concept of justice, democracy and self-defence! Started on 7 October 2023, there has been continuous bombing, total destruction of the houses, mosques, churches, markets and the hospitals: the whole world is watching this illegal, merciless mass killing, and Israel does not care anyone in this planet even if the common people of the whole world is crying for the Palestinians. Even the Western reporters described the bombardment on the north of the Strip as happening “on a scale we’ve never seen before”. (BBC, 28 October 2023) but there did not come a single word of condemnation of this savage and unfathomable brutality from the mouth of the most of the Western leaders.

They are piling up weapons and missiles in Israel showering bombs ceaselessly on Palestinians, and then simply taking about humanitarian corridors to supply food and medicine. Alas! The United States, the only one of the 15 countries, vetoed a UN Security Council resolution for a pause in the fighting to allow humanitarian assistance into Gaza, despite the death toll crossing 5000 on that day (Al Jazeera, 18 October 2023). It clearly appears that they are waiting for a planned amount of relocation and destruction of the Palestinians and once they reach their target, they will allow the humanitarian corridor. It appears true when Kirby of the National Security Council in the White House was heard to say that instead of a ceasefire, the US administration was pushing for “temporary, localised humanitarian pauses for aid, and for people to get out” (30 Oct 2023, Al Jazeera).

We have already seen the common people of these same Western countries, showing their love and respect for the resistance movement of the Palestinians. Many Western parliamentarians, intellectuals, academics, even train drivers have lost their positions and jobs due to their unwavering support for the Palestinians (The Guardian, 31 Oct 2023). The Western leaders even cannot tolerate minimum love for Palestinians and criticism of Israeli occupation and obliteration, by their own citizens. The Western countries have strict (humanitarian) laws passed in the parliaments to punish the anti-Semitic people but they have barely any say against the people supporting the Israeli ‘missiles raining down on civilians, including children’ (Ibid) for decades. Rather, if you peacefully march for the persecuted Palestinians with posters, and suggest for any pause in the ongoing war, you might be in trouble. For example, a British member of parliament has been sacked from his government role as a parliamentary private secretary after he called for a ceasefire in Gaza (30 Oct 2023, Al Jazeera). Sometimes the whole demonstration will be banned. Just see how German police has banned most pro-Palestinian demonstrations in its capital to justify the prevention of anti-Semitism (Al Jazeera, 10 November 2023). So, it is not accounted to be the freedom of expression to denounce the killing or slaughtering of the children and civilians. This is their idea of democracy, idea of freedom of speech!

Dr Md Azabul Haque

[First Published: AmarDesh]

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