Palestine: Can the Western or Arab Leaders Solve the Problem? (Part 2)

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The holy land of Palestine is a sacred place to all the Abrahamic religions, so we must ensure the peaceful living of all the faithful people in this land. Having said this, we must admit the fact that an occupier, who has been an organized killer, rapist, and destroyer for the last 75 years, does not have any right of self-defence. Think of the same killer bombing on the hospitals and schools and then shooting the school children and the patients on a regular basis; think of the alike killer plundering your land in your motherland every day, forcing you to get out of your home, and blocking your food, water, medicine, fuel, electricity, and education persistently. Does this systematic killer have any right of self-defence? Does this orderly killer have any licence to kill, rape, plunder, bomb and destroy more and more? What do your laws and conscientious say? Will it be unfair and illegal if the oppressed occupied people, at their convenience, resist and kill the rapist slaughterers to halt more rape, murder, bloodbath, and demolition?

This crime against humanity by Israel will give this apartheid a leverage both physically and academically. The elite Jewish and Christian Zionists will manipulate the attack of Hamas as a tool for suppression of the freedom of expression. Many Western leaders never want you to condemn the Zionists’ cruelty and heinous activities, shout slogans in the street or hoist the Palestinian flag on your roof in many Western countries. You might be convicted if you term the people engaged in Palestinian resistance as ‘freedom-fighters’.

Do the peace-seekers of the world have any reason to trust and believe the Western leaders, principally America? Did they not kill 600,000 civilians in Iraq under the false pretext of hiding weapons of mass destruction by Saddam Hussain (The Independent, 20 March 2023)? Does anyone call America or the West an invader or mass murderer? Did they not kill 71,344 Afghan civilians and pushed the countless civilians to be refugees just to finish the Taliban? Did they not kill 143,350 (UN Human Rights, 30 June 2022) Syrian civilians to finish the ISIL? Did they not assist the Saudi-UAE led alliance to kill 233,000 Yemenis (United Nation, 1 December 2020)? These are just a few in the last 30 years. How many terrorists did they find and kill in these lands? Does this justify the killing of these innocent civilians including children, women and old? This is the conception of their fairness. Why does the world expect justice for the Palestinian children or civilians from these leaders? Are they not used to these killings from long before? What more proofs do the people of the world need to know the mentality of Israeli and Western leaders? What more evidence does the peace-loving people of the world entail to get to know the justice of these leaders?

Arab leaders? See how they are killing their own Yemini brothers without any mercy. They did just to jeopardise the Iranian influence from Yemen but now they have developed an intimate relationship with the same former foe. However, Palestine was a part of the Ottoman Empire; after their defeat in WW1, the British Empire took control and gave it to the Zionists. Though the British did not have any right to give the Muslim’s land to the Zionists, it pre-conditioned that the Zionist state must ensure the mutual living of all the nations – which was never followed by the Zionists. Even they killed the British foreign minister along with a lot of British soldiers (MEMO, October 14, 2023). However, the Arab elites left the Palestinians to the whims of Western leaders to hold their power, independence, Petro-Dollar economy, and autocratic monarchy. The killing of children and innocent civilians by Israel is nothing new but it can be understood that the Arab leaders have built up a cemented relationship with Israel stepping up and treading down the corpses of the children and civilians in Palestine. The Arab leaders are also no less responsible for the creation of today’s Zionist state. They, along with Israel, bear the responsibilities of corrupting the PLO, dividing the Palestinians, and destroying their Intifada movements.

Egypt, Syria, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain – every single of them has been busy with their own interest and selfish gain. Look at the bold, strategic, and calculated moves of the Israeli allies. Almost all the countries of the West are firmly united to stand by Israel by sending their presidents, prime ministers, foreign and defence secretaries, and son on to Israel. Did you see any Muslim country of this world coming forward to visit the Palestinians, the most oppressed population of this planet, being slaughtered every hour in the most brutal way for the last 33 days? Did you see any Muslim leaders sending practical support to the Palestinians like the Western ones to Israel? Why would the people of the world consider the Arab leaders to be the friends of the Palestinians? Do you think the Palestinians should beg the cowardly, self-seeking, hypocritical, undemocratic and tyrant Arab leaders for their resistance and liberty? Most of these princes are the worst oppressors and unjust to their own people; how will these opportunists work for the cause of the oppressed Palestinians? Isn’t the continuous systemic torture and occupation sufficient to assess and justify the activities of the occupier and the collaborators? Why should the Palestinians wait for the false peace promises of the American, Western and Arab leaders? Is not 75 years enough?

Does Israel have any intention to stop the occupation, killings the civilians and forced relocation? Not at all. It has not come a single step back from its illegal settlement since the first day of its occupation. Israel, according to the Chair of the UN Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel, has ‘no intention of ending occupation’ (Al Jazeera, 28 October 2023). This part of UNO is one of the best witnesses of the illegitimate occupation of Israel, which says: ‘The commission finds the increasingly militarised law enforcement operations of Israel and repeated attacks by Israel on Gaza are aimed at maintaining its unlawful 56-year occupation’ (Ibid). Israel, with the help of its allies, will spend time, distract, and cast its spell over the critics to slaughter more civilians, to raze more houses to the ground resulting in more Palestinian relocation and more Israeli settlement. The allies of the apartheid will do the same as it did in 1947, 1967, 2009 and so on. Do you think there is any logic to trust the Israeli leaders who even do not believe in the existence of Palestine? It is never surprising that the former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir said that Palestinians ‘didn’t exist’ and that ‘there is no such a thing as a Palestinian people’ (Al Jazeera, 1 May 2017).

UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt have normalised the relationship with Israel. Saudi Arabia is on the way to follow them; it has already designed to form an economic zone with India and Israel. UAE even has given Israeli citizens the right to be their citizens and do business in their country (PRESSTV, 02 July 2021). Have the leaders of these countries made any treaty or deed or pact with the Palestinians? Except giving some money, like a rich man to a street beggar, have they ever made any social, political, cultural, religious, diplomatic, economic pact with Palestinians, as they have with Israel? Do they have any investment for industrialization, banking, education, arms factory, or milk production for the children in Palestine? Gaza is sealed off by Israel for the last 15 years from all sides and they are simply imprisoned by the strong Israeli fence made of thick concrete with electrified ware, hi-tech surveillance, and security. The Palestinians have nothing to see except the sea-wave, sky and their own faces within the fence and wall erected by Israel. Even the Abraham Accord signatory country like UAE needs travel permit from Israel or Egypt to go to Gaza and the West Bank. However, the Palestinians cannot go from one village to another without the permission of Israeli authority. Even the villages are surrounded by strong walls which have made it the world’s biggest open prison. Are Palestinians not made to be a completely different species among the human beings by Israel and its allies?

What is the problem with the Palestinians? The Palestinians are too poor to give the Western leaders millions of Dollars and Pounds in their national elections. The Jews and Zionists spend their money for both Democratic and Republican; both Conservative and Labour; both ruling and opposition. Israel can guarantee power and weapons to the Arab leaders. Israel can buy the leaders of the Western countries by funding the parties and candidates before their national election – which is the pillar of Western democracy. Can’t we say that the Zionists have bought the Western democracy for the last seven decades? The people of the world have little hope in those political and monarchical elites. We strongly feel that there must be a full stop to the violation of law, rule, and humanity in Palestine.

Is it the only reason for the perpetual and brutal oppression of Palestinians? Do you think that Israel has been the single party responsible for the textbook cleansing of the Palestinians? Will it be wrong to say that the West is directly or indirectly involved in this cleansing? It is obvious that the Western countries, chiefly USA, aid Israel with training, finance, logistic support, and lethal arms. They, under the pretext of destroying Hamas, openly support Israel to continue bombing innocent people, opposing any ceasefire; and their Presidents, Prime Ministers, Secretary of State and other high-ranking officials are providing ‘rock-solid and unwavering’ support with Israel to relocate the Gazan to ensure the fake security of Israel. Does Israel not seem to be a State of America equal to or more important than Washington DC?

Essentially, the USA and its Christian Zionists never have any solid trust on any Muslim States that have been used and exploited from time to time. The former need a permanent and strong base to rule over the Arabian Gulf and the whole Middle East. Here, America is using the Zionists. On the other hand, the Jewish Zionists, Christian Zionists, and a big part of the Jews have the dream of ruling over the whole world, making Jerusalem the capital of their State, who are using America for their gain. The calculation is very clear; the world’s people must understand that the solution to this issue is not in the hands of America or Israel who used Britain before the same way. Israel will never leave Palestine; for them it is a point of no return. The selfish and spineless Arab leaders, on the other hand, are not capable of solving the problem. This is a reality. So, the Palestinian people must resist the occupation and fight for their land and freedom.

France, Britain, America, and Russia, during the last five centuries, have colonised numerous countries over the world and ruled them brutally by destroying the education, culture, faith, values, and traditions of the indigenous. The colonizers, while leaving the colonized, planted the seeds of dispute, fight, unrest, and chaos among the different faiths of natives by dividing their land unfairly among the natives. Sometimes, the colonizers have given the land of majority to the people of minority and vice versa. Jammu-Kashmir is an example of this unfair distribution by the British colonizer. But there is hardly any example in the last thousand years of history that any colonizer has seized a land and then sold it to a completely different nation. Only Palestine is an exception. It was an independent land under the Ottoman. Britain took control of it in 1917 defeating the Ottoman in WW1. Even Britain did not make it their colony like its other colonies. Immediately after its control, Britain gave the land to the Zionists, uncaring and depriving the original owner of the land – the Palestinians.

Britain, an outspoken voice for democracy, gifted the total control of this Palestinian land to the foreign Zionists as if Palestinians were strangers. Britain was never the owner of the land; then how did they give or sold it to someone outsider? No doubt, the powerful countries like America, France, Russia, German, have helped to bring the situation at the present state. They took the side of the occupier Israel, gave it weapons and pushed the Palestinians to be homeless and refugees. Most of their roles remain unchanged till today. Do the people of the world have any ground to rely on these colonizers? Can the Palestinians take the leaders of these countries as their trustees any more? The history of the last 75 years is the history of betrayal with the Palestinians.

Have you seen any hell on earth? The spokesperson for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs – Jens Laerke in the weekly press briefing in Geneva said. “If there is a hell on earth, it is the north of Gaza,” (Anadolu Ajansi, 10 November 2023). The UN calls Gaza ‘hell on earth’, for children; it is also reported that ‘The 193-member UN General Assembly met on Thursday to discuss the renewed violence; but no action was expected. (Reuters, MAY 20, 2021). But practically speaking, it is much worse than hell because though the doomsday will happen for once, the doomsdays for Palestinians are happening every year, every month, every day. The UN cannot do anything to stop it but just resolution after resolution over the last decades. It has become a club for the elite superpowers who can push the whole world into a narrow corner by one veto. The superpower Britain along with its allies legalised the beginning of occupation of Israel over Palestine, which is continued by America. If the veto-powered members of this club want to seize your land and give it to others, you have no other choice but to abide by it. But injustice is injustice; it does not matter how many powerful countries commit it. The unbiased people must get united and stop these colonial minded post-truth bosses.

Dr Md Azabul Haque

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